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“Anyone who wants to understand the connection between anti-Semitism, Islamic terrorism, the role of propaganda and appeasement must read this book.” –Natan Sharansky

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The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble

September 2, 2015  •  Israel National News

Two thousand people took to the streets against the Iran deal. One of the organizers publically claimed that the "police estimated a crowd of "7,000 people." They came early, they stayed late—and as I file this story, they are still there. Theyare chanting. "We can do this. It's not too late. We can never give up."

The Suits: Senator Lindsey Graham, former Senator Joe Lieberman, former CIA director James Woolsey, former Navy Seal Ken Stethem, took to the New York City streets.

Where else can they, together with academics (Michael Ledeen) and the victims of Iranian terrorism (Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett, Daniel Miller, Sarri Singer), protest New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's pro-Iran vote except beneath her office window on Third Avenue? Where else can they support Senator Chuck Schumer's pro-America vote, whose office is also there?

If President Obama manages to block the Resolution against the deal with a Democratic Party filibuster (which seems likely), where else but in the public square can the American people and our elected officials be heard?

That is also where revolutions, Civil Wars, and Boston-style Tea Parties begin.



Iranians, Israel-Haters Dominate Pro-Nuke Deal 'Experts' Letter

August 28, 2015  •  Breitbart

The National Iranian American Council organized the letter signed by seventy-three "international scholars" who favor the treaty—no, the deal—no, the deal with secret asides—no, the run-around Congress—no, President Obama's cynical fait accompli—between Iran and America.

Unsurprisingly, nearly 50% of the signatories (at least 45%) have Iranian names. Well, Iranians can be scholars, can't they? Yes they can—but they can also have families who are being held hostage or forced to live both in fear and in poverty in Iran. I doubt that the anticipated 150 billion dollars of released sanctions will find its way into the hands of many worthy civilians. More likely, it will fund the Iranian mullahs' mad obsession with exterminating Israel and attacking America—and of continuing a fourteen centuries-old religious war with Sunni Muslims.



Modern Schindlers: The Heroes Working to Rescue ISIS Victims

August 20, 2015  •  New York Post

'I've been raped 30 times and it's not even lunchtime," cried one young Yazidi woman in a dangerous and desperate call.

Chillingly, she begged the man on the line, someone embedded with the Kurdish Peshmerga fighting ISIS: "If you know where we are, please bomb us. There is no life after this. I am going to kill myself anyway."

That request was made a year ago. So far, no brothel has been bombed, no slave auction interrupted.

President Obama's much favored "international community" — the United Nations, the European Union, the politically correct Western intelligentsia, the NGOs, the human-rights organizations — hasn't rescued this woman or any of the other mainly Christian and Yazidi sex slaves who remain in the clutches of the barbarians.

But some individual heroes are doing so.

With Oscar Schindler, Sir Nicholas Winton and Chiune Sugihara — who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust — as role models, Canadian Jewish businessman Steve Maman has, so far, overseen the rescue of more than 120 kidnapped Christian and Yazidi girls in Iraq.

Maman founded the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq organization a year ago, after jihadists laid siege to Mosul and Sinjar.



Situation in Refugee Camps Dire as Millions of Christians, Yazidis Flee ISIS

August 17, 2015  •  Breitbart

Even as the Western intelligentsia continue to focus upon the fake and inflated refugee crisis among Palestinians, the world's real refugee crisis– Christians and Yazidis persecuted by ISIS– has become both overwhelming and hidden in plain sight.

There may be sixty million refugees and "internally displaced people" in all, primarily from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Congo, and other countries. Nine and a half million"refugees" and "internally displaced people" are Syrians. Some now live in refugee camps in Jordan, Israel (where they are also treated in hospitals), Lebanon, Iraq, and on the Syrian-Turkish border.



Op-Ed: Too Many Women Among Those Who Despise America and Hate Israel
There are many more women than men on the Canary Mission website.

August 9, 2015  •  Israel National News

The Canary Mission is devoted to exposing haters of America and of Jews and boycotters of Israel. In a sense, they want to "blacklist the blacklisters." Their site, which first appeared in February of this year, thus far features both individual students, recent graduates, and professors-- as these people call for an "Intifada" in America, (as Hatem Bazien did), as they rally and tell Jews to "go back to the ovens, you need a really big oven" (as a youngstudent did at a demonstration). Every word belongs to the hater.

Every hateful speech and rally has been filmed; excerpts from self-published websites, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and student newspaper op-ed pieces have been brought together. The guilty parties expose or convict themselves with their own words and by their faces of rage and scorn. They also proudly list their membership in known Muslim Brotherhood groups such as CAIR, the Muslim Student Association, and Hamas.



Op-Ed: Farewell to the Man Who Launched a Blood Libel
Who, really, is Charles Enderlin? His legacy is the creation of Mohammed al-Dura's fake martyrdom at the hand of Israeli troops that led to thousands of deaths.

August 7, 2015  •  Israel National News

France's Channel 2 Television man in Jerusalem, the infamous Charles Enderlin, is finally leaving the Holy Land.

As some might say: Baruch Hashem. However, Charles Enderlin was neither fired nor jailed. He remained at his prestigious post for fifteen years. Enderlin claims that he is not retiring, that he will be devoting himself to other projects. His replacement is Franck Genauzeau, a man with no known track record of anti-Semitism.

With Charles Enderlin's departure, there may now be only 999 reporters and NGO activists—maybe more--left in Jerusalem to spin the news according to the Palestinian narrative. Apparently, there are more foreign, reporters and more foreign NGOS on the ground-- especially German and Scandinavian--than in any other city or country on earth.



Jewish Athletes Under Siege in Germany

August 5, 2015  •  Israel National News

Jewish athletes, from all over the world, who have assembled in Germany for the Maccabi Games, are being taunted and attacked by Muslims, neo-Nazis, and leftists.

Two "youths" cursed and threw an object at six Jewish men. They have not yet been found. An Arab Muslim was arrested for shouting anti-Semitic slurs at two security guards at the hotel which is housing the 2,000 Jewish athletes, their fans, and their guests. The hotel is 900 meters away from the Al Nur Mosque, "a hotbed of radical Islam."

Alon Meyer, the head of the German umbrella organization for the Maccabi, has advised the athletes to hide their kippot and Jewish stars, to take taxis rather than walk--and to avoid walking in Neukolln, a Muslim "no go" zone.



UK Police Declare War on Female Genital Mutilation as 'Cutting Season' Approaches

August 3, 2015  •  Breitbart

The summer is known as the "cutting season." This means that infants as young as two or three months old are being taken out of the UK to be genitally mutilated in their countries of origin, such as Malaysia, whose customs, like those of Iran, have become increasingly Arabized.

The UK has banned such procedures, but Malaysia and other Middle Eastern Muslim and African Muslim-Christian countries have not done so.



World's Yezidis Rally for International Community to Stop ISIS Genocide in Iraq

July 31, 2015  •  Breitbart

The Yezidis are holding worldwide rallies and Memorial Services tomorrow in Oldenberg, Germany; on August 2nd in Lalish, Iraq (the Yezidi spiritual heartland), and in France; and on August 3rd in Geneva, Armenia, Berlin, and in cities in Sweden, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and the United States (Lincoln, Nebraska; Houston, Texas; and perhaps Buffalo, New York).

On August 2nd in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Yezidi community is sponsoring an Art Walk with prizes for the best art work that illustrates their people's historical and contemporary story. Houston-based Yezidis are holding a Remembrance Service at the University of Houston.

Yezidis are remembering and protesting the seventy four genocides that their people have endured in the Middle East. These massacres have taken place from the seventh century on and were perpetrated by Arab Muslims, Mongols, Persians, Kurds, Turks, Ottomans, etc.



Overjoyed and Angry at Jonathan Pollard's Coming Release
Happy, furious and unbearably sad.

July 29, 2015  •  Israel National News

And so, at long last, after thirty years, seven of which he spent in solitary confinement—the most barbaric of punishments—Jonathan Pollard will be pardoned and may live to breathe the air of freedom.

I am overjoyed, apprehensive, enormously sad, relieved, and angry.

Pollard's cell door will not swing open until November and, unless President Obama decrees otherwise, he may not be allowed to make aliya to Israel for five years, lest he be given a hero's (or a martyr's) welcome.

Although I did not become an activist on his behalf, Pollard's fate has haunted me for more than twenty years. Though he had teams of dedicated but incompetent lawyers, and dedicated and highly competent lawyers, and the support of compassionate rabbis, Pollard's cause did not become fashionable for a very long time.

Many American Jews thought that he "deserved what he got," since his actions had, they believed, endangered them. Pollard was the poster child for the dual loyalty accusation that has haunted Jews who simply want to fit in, to lead safe and prosperous lives in America.



The Cost of Exposing Anti-Semitism and the even Higher Cost of Failing to do so. Phyllis Chesler at ISGAP. June 8 2015

July 21, 2015  •  Jewish Broadcasting Service

Feminist scholar Phyllis Chesler describes how the Left turned on her because of her support of the State of Israel, and how Israel now faces a dangerous alliance between radical Islamists and American Academics. Exclusive JBS coverage of ISGAP.

"In June, I spoke for the Institute for the Global Study of Anti-Semitism and Policy. Dr. Charles Small was my most excellent host. The place was packed, the discussion lively, Jewish Broadcasting Service preserved it for us and I think I sold many copies of my Gefen titles, including LIVING HISTORY."

- Phyllis Chesler


Sir Nicholas Winton: One Daring Act of Kindness Can Change the World

July 1, 2015  •  Breitbart - Israel National News

A great soul has just gone on to his Creator: Sir Nicholas Winton, who rescued 669 mainly Jewish children from Prague in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, died today. He was 106 years old.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "The world has lost a great man. We must never forget Sir Nicholas Winton's humanity in saving so many children from the Holocaust." Home Secretary Theresa May, called Sir Nicholas "a hero of the 20th century." He set an "enduring example of the difference that good people can make even in the darkest of times."

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, described him as "one of the greatest people I have ever met."



Save the Iraqi Yezidis from Genocide!

June 27, 2015  •  Breitbart

The Yezidis are now on the move. This has been secretly planned for months. What we now have is a potentially mass exodus from ISIS-controlled Iraq. They have reason to believe that Bulgaria will grant them asylum. However, Turkey, which they must enter and exit on their way to Bulgaria, is giving them trouble.

According to my informant Ghulie Khalaf, "There have been clashes between the refugees and the Turkish police. Ten buses are on their way but there are seventeen more buses to be packed but the Turkish guards are stopping them at the border. We want media attention."

This is a desperate cry. Will the enormous, sleeping conscience of the world finally awaken?

Attached are the photos of a batch of refugees who are perhaps twenty hours away from the Turkish border.

Yezidi International is passing out food and water. They have also posted a plea on their Facebook page.

"Genocide Before our Eyes"

The Yezidi Genocide

"Our faith in humanity is weakening . . .
We need help now. This is when we need people to stand with us and take action



War Crimes in Gaza: Filmmaker Takes Cameras Deep into Hamas Territory

June 26, 2015  •  Breitbart

Just as another "Freedom Flotilla" is sailing to Gaza, veteran filmmaker Pierre Rehov's latest film War Crimes in Gaza will be shown next week to the European Parliament under the auspices of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Pierre Rehov's film should also be seen by the International Criminal Court, which has just received files documenting what it claims are "Israeli war crimes."

This 55-minute film is superb and packed with both visual, factual, and historical information. If everyone on board this flotilla watched this film—and if they were open to reason—they would turn back.

Going undercover into Gaza, Rehov is able to show us some of the wealthy mansions and villas of Gaza, the bustling malls and supermarkets, luxury cars, and well-dressed people at beachfront resorts—so different from the usual visual narratives of disinformation. Rehov shows us those as well: The weeping Palestinian civilians amidst rubble telling tales of IDF atrocities and devastation.



A beacon of religious, non-violent and feminist struggle

June 22, 2015  •  The Jerusalem Post

Dr. Bonna Devora Haberman was our Devora: a fiery leader ("aishet lapidot"), a beacon in the religious, non-violent and feminist struggle for Jewish women's right to pray – collectively, fully – at Judaism's holy site.

In our anthology Women of the Wall: Claiming Sacred Ground at Judaism's Holy Site, Rivka Haut and I gave Bonna pride of place and she penned the first piece. She wrote: "The goal of Women of the Wall [is] to contribute to the sanctity of a very dear place... for me, prayer is a journey toward the sacred, enveloped in awe and divine glory."

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Bonna was – it pains me to write of her in the past tense – both a learned and a "spiritual" woman. That first year (1989), in her words, she "assembled a group to study the halachic sources the deal with women's prayer, quorum, Torah reading, tallit and women's voices. Our findings supported our practices... and sustained the strength of our own convictions about the appropriateness of our practice." Bonna formed the Jerusalem-based Original Women of the Wall (OWOW) and, year after year, kept the group together.



Not to Act Against Evil is to Act

June 18, 2015  •  Israel National News

Christians, Kurds, and Yazidis are being ethnically cleansed—massacred, exterminated--in Iraq and Syria and neither President Obama nor any stable, allegedly moderate Muslim regime (is there one?) has done anything to stop it.

ISIS and Boko Haram have been kidnapping, torturing, and turning Muslim, Christian, Kurdish, and Yazidi girls into sexual slaves and, despite his professed pro-Arab, pro-African, and pro-Muslim biases, the American President has not stopped this nor has he come up with a viable strategy to do so.

At least five, if not ten, million refugees have fled the war-ravaged region of the Middle East's "Arab Spring." Many are trying to enter southern Europe and are dying in the process. Nevertheless, global leaders, the media, andthe United Nations continue to focus on an artificially inflated number of Palestinian refugees--and are failing to confront or resolve the greatest and most complex refugee story of our times.

President Obama and his European allies are about to unleash the Iranian bomb, a fact which they are presenting to us, Orwell-style, as the only way to stop the Iranian bomb. As we know, Iran and the Iranian bomb are a direct and existential threat to Israel as well as to the entire civilized world.



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