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“Anyone who wants to understand the connection between anti-Semitism, Islamic terrorism, the role of propaganda and appeasement must read this book.” –Natan Sharansky, author, The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror

“I admire the courage of this vision and the power of the writing.” Rabbi Lord Dr. Jonathan Sacks

“Passionate and beautifully written…” –Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School; author, The Case for Israel



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  • January 13, 2015
    Westchester Jewish Center
    Mamaroneck, NY
  • January 16, 2015
    Aish HaTorah
    New York, NY
  • February 13-16, 2015
    Limmud NY Conference
    Stamford, CT
  • February 26, 2015
    Rotary Club of NY
    New York, NY
  • March 22, 2015
    Har Zion Temple
    Penn Valley, Pa.
  • March 28, 2015
    Bard Graduate Center
    New York, NY
  • April 6, 2015
    McGill / Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy
    Montreal, Canada
  • April 28, 2015
    East Rockaway Jewish Center
    Hewlett, NY
  • May 6, 2015
    Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York
    Albany, NY
  • May 31, 2015
    Tifereth Israel Synagogue
    New Bedford, MA

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Latest Articles

24 Days, 26 Murderers: The Story of Ilan Halimi

April 17, 2015  •  Israel National News

Algerian born French filmmaker, Alexandre Arcady, has directed a small masterpiece. 24 Days is a gripping and somber police drama. Even though we know the outcome, we are nevertheless at the edge of our seats, fearing what we might see next, knowing what is to come, wanting to reach out to the anguished family, perhaps to comfort them.

This film fictionalizes a searing, heartbreaking, Jewish and French tragedy. In 2002, the world was shocked when al-Qaeda released their pornographic death video of Daniel Pearl's be-heading in Pakistan. This eternally haunting image was, incredibly, surpassed by the information, sans image, that in 2006, Ilan Halimi, a young French Jew of Moroccan origin had been kidnapped and tortured for three whole weeks by a mainly Muslim gang, aptly named "The Barbarians." Youssouf Fofana ("Django," in the film—commandingly played by Tony Harrisson) led 26 people who were "in" on this almost surreal and dastardly deed; twenty-four additional people knew about what was happening but refused to make a single anonymous call to the police. They did this, ostensibly, for money.



Female Muslim Author Beaten, Sent to Mental Hospital After Praising Rushdie

April 14, 2015  •  Breitbart

Zainub Priya Dala, a South African Muslim author and psychologist, was "violently attacked for expressing admiration for Salman Rushdie" the day after praising the author. After countless phoned-in threats to recant, Dala was placed under psychiatric care in which she was "drugged until I could not walk" and advised to adopt a proper Muslim lifestyle.

Dala recently published her first novel, What About Meera. Last month, at a literary festival in Durban, she said she "admired the writing of Arundhati Roy and Rushdie."

Three days later, three men forced her car off the road, held a knife to her throat, banged her face with a brick and broke her cheekbone. They called her "Rushdie's bitch." Had a taxi not passed by, she is sure she "would've been stabbed."



Left Protests at Idan Reichel's NY Performance - I Kid You Not

April 13, 2015  •  Israel National News

On the evening of April 12th, on Manhattan's upper West Side, the usual anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian groups such as Adalah-NY, the BDS National Committee, and the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel protested the performance of an Israeli musician.

All twelve of them came, wearing jeans and survivalist vests and looking very Downtown, very Brooklyn. They had a sound system which blared anti-Israel, angry "black"-style rap hate music. Most were white leftists; two were visibly Arab-looking. At least 70% of the protestors were, I am sorry to say, white women. One identified herself as a Jew.

I asked for a brochure. It read: "What kind of musician is an ambassador for apartheid? Serenades soldiers who destroy homes, lives, and land? Feels happy with a state characterized by racism, violence, and land theft?"

My friends--welcome to Upside-Down Land.



ISIS's Nazi-Style 'Jihad Bride' Propaganda an Alluring Trap for Western Girls

April 8, 2015  •  Breitbart

Foreign girls who are lured via the internet to join ISIS are being misled by a glamorized vision of women posing with AK-47s and in martial arts positions—in essence, a vision of women performing forbidden, male-only holy mission tasks.

ISIS propaganda is capitalizing on the allure of such adventure coupled with a girlish desire for love, marriage, and children. Quilliam Foundation think tank researcher Charlie Winter notes that "this is a false image based on targeted obfuscation and exaggeration." He quotes Glasgow runaway, Aqsa Mahmood, who writes that "the women you may have seen online are all part of propaganda."

The reality for ISIS "brides" is dull, domestic, and dangerous. Food and electricity are minimal, there are no schools, but there are constant air strikes and gun fights. Women police and punish other women. They do not engage in battle.

The all-female Al-Khanssaa Brigade holds an anti-feminist ideology in which women's rights are seen as part of a corrupt and material West and as having led to the emasculation of men.



B'Kol Dor V'Dor….In Every Generation

April 7, 2015  •  The Jewish Word, Israel National News

Who would have believed that the Jews would ever be so defamed again? That Israel and Zionism—the liberation movement of the Jewish people--would become despised by both western intellectuals and Islamist mobs?

Who could ever have predicted that the United Nations would remain utterly ineffective in all things save one: the legitimization of Jew-hatred?

Who could have imagined a world in which savage Islamist leaders would be stoning, crucifying, and burning civilians alive; blowing up other Muslims at prayer; building monuments to Palestinian human homicide bombs—but in which the New York Times would denigrate mainly Israel—systematically and often twice daily?

Who would ever have believed that an American president would operate so blatantly and shamelessly in such a pro-Islamist (not merely a pro-Muslim) way? That he would bow to and "negotiate" with barbarian tyrants and publically scorn and threaten America's most reliable, most stable, and most militarily adept ally—Israel--in the Middle East?

President Obama is trying to drive a wedge between liberal American Jews and Israel by turning Israel into even more of a pariah state than it already is.



Professor Takes Medical Leave After Pro-Israel Facebook Post Leads to 'Vicious Hate Mail' Campaign

April 7, 2015  •  Breitbart

Andrew Pessin, Professor of Philosophy at Connecticut College, is the latest casualty in the campus-based culture wars. Dr. Pessin is a well-liked and much published professor, self-described as the "only Jewish professor on campus who openly advocates for Israel." And now, for remarks made during last summer's Gaza war, he faces an attack from Palestinian supporters seeking to silence pro-Israel stances on campus.



The First Serious Push-Back on the West-Islamist Battlefield of Ideas

April 5, 2015  •  Israel National News

"There is an apocalyptic dimension to global Jihad. Jihadists believe they are engaged in a 'sacred task' to redeem the world via conquest. We hide our eyes while they do not hide their intentions."

Please meet Professor Richard Landes, a medieval historian who specializes in apocalyptic movements. He knows what he is talking about. Landes delivered a stellar speech earlier this week for the Institute for Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP).

We sat around a table in a well-appointed room which serves as the ISGAP office in New York City. We were an attentive and appreciative audience.

Landes, who maintains several excellent websites (Second Draft and Augean Stables), is astounded by the global progressive Left's desire to embrace the "Other"; doing so proves their humanity. However, for the Western-embraced Jihadi, the "Other" (all infidels, the "wrong" kind of Muslims, apostates, homosexuals, etc.) must be "annihilated."



Two Discussions

March 28 and April 1

Two Discussions: An American Bride in a Kabul at the Bard Graduate Center and one on USA Radio Network with Chuck Morse on "The Culture War, Left-wing Anti-Semitism." I discussed my book, The New Anti-Semitism. (I appear in the second half of the program)

Bard Graduate Center – March 28, 2015

On Saturday evening I spoke at the Bard College Graduate Center in NYC. I am a graduate of Bard and it was a pleasure to be with such an attentive, intelligent, and warm group of people. I recognized some names—but not the faces—from my time at college—and was pleased to meet some of the more graduates as well. The townhouses Bard maintains on the Upper West Side are superior settings for sharing ideas.

Chuck Morse Speaks on USA Radio Networks – April 1, 2015

"The Culture War, left-wing anti-Semitism"



UN to Advocate for Rights of Child Sex Slaves: Don't Call It 'Prostitution'

April 1, 2015  •  Breitbart

Yesterday, according to a PassBlue report prominent Indian anti-prostitution activist Ruchira Gupta revealed: "I was surprised that the UN was trying to censor [me and told] me not to speak on prostitution, when my work was with victims of prostitution."

Gupta was about to receive a Woman of Distinction award at the United Nations this past March when she was told not to use the word "prostitution" in her acceptance speech. Doing so would "put UN Women on the spot."

At the UN, the politically correct phrases are: "trafficking," "sex slavery," "sex work," and "sex workers." This is Orwellian doublespeak—something the UN has honed to a high art when it comes to Islam, critique of Islam, and Israel.



Palestinian Journalist Chronicles Brutal Life of Muslim Sister Wives

March 23, 2015  •  Breitbart

Polygamy is widely practiced in Gaza—and the women (or "sister wives") are not happy about it.

So says Asmaa Al-Ghoul, who has just exposed this practice in an article for Al Monitor. Al-Ghoul is a heroic feminist Palestinian journalist who, in 2009, was fired for her work in which she exposed honor killings on the West Bank and in Gaza; she was harassed, threatened, and nearly arrested by Hamas for this work. I interviewed her at the time by phone and published a series of articles about her.

Now, she reports that polygamy is practiced by both rich and poor in Gaza. Anecdotally, she describes "hostility" and "hatred" between a pair of "sister-wives" who visited a beauty parlor together. She also quotes a financially independent and professionally successful woman who chose to become a second wife but who now says:



L'Chayim: Election Round Table

March 22, 2015  •  JBS

Election Round Table on JBS

Last week, I joined a panel on the Jewish Broadcasting Service hosted by the always excellent Rabbi Mark Golub. We had gathered to discuss the Israeli elections and what this may mean, globally. I enjoyed some unexpected challenges from some co-panelists and from the interviewer himself. It seems that I was too pro-Netanyahu and too anti-Obama. Life among the Jews is always very interesting. Here it is, enjoy the exchange, my co-panelists are very knowledgeable men.


A new war against the 'oldest hatred'

March 19, 2015  •  New York Post

Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism — two sides of the same coin — are raging yet again. They are brutally alive in the Middle East, Europe and even here in America.

Yet now, at long last, there is some pushback, at least on the "battlefield of ideas."

It comes in the form of a new academic institute championed by a hardened veteran of this war, and its presence at universities throughout the world is blossoming.

In this country, we hear shouts of Jew-hatred at every pro-Palestinian demonstration.

We read all about it in the biased left-liberal, anti-Israel media and see it in President Obama's overt hostility to Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Perhaps most troubling, though, is its presence on the American campus, where it is at full boil.

There, Israel-bashing is embraced as an expression of politically correct, divine truth — rather than called out for what it often really is: unadulterated racism.

Professors disguise their hatred of Jews by presenting it as a "politically righteous" stand against Israel, since the Jewish state is, in their portrayal, a colonialist, apartheid nation.



Obama Yet to Congratulate Netanyahu Despite Not Waiting to Call Newly Elected Islamist Leaders

March 18, 2015  •  Breitbart

At press time, President Obama has not yet congratulated the new Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel is the only real democracy in the region, it is militarily sophisticated, and is America's strongest and most stable ally.

President Obama's peevish, grudging, and hostile behavior is not statesman-like and is definitely not in America's best interest.

However, Obama's self-indulgent behavior does not seem to change. For example, in 2013, it took President Obama one full week before he called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election win.

In 2012, it took Obama "hours" to congratulate Muslim Brotherhood candidate and then Egyptian President-elect Mohammed Morsi on winning his election.



Netanyahu: V15 and Foreign NGOs Busing in Arab Voters for Israeli Election

March 17, 2015  •  Breitbart

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just warned that Israeli Arab voters are being brought to the polling booth by V15 (Victory 2015) and other NGOS funded from abroad. He said: "We do not have NGOs. We do not have V15."

V15 has been organized by Jeremy Bird, who was President Obama's national campaign field director in 2012. According to lawyer and journalist Lori Lowenthal Marcus, this funding runs afoul of American tax laws for not-for-profit organizations. Marcus and others allege that funding for V15 includes State Department monies.

Netanyahu is "very worried" about these reports of busing Arabs to the voting booths. "If we do not wake up, if we do not bring everyone out… a left-wing government will be established," he warned.

According to former American Navy Lt. Commander, J.J. Dyer:



Should the Jews Leave?

March 15, 2015  •  Israel National News

Given the hot and relentless nature of anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism today, should the world's Jews simply pack up and leave wherever they are on Planet Earth? Should they go to Israel or to America? Given all the genocidal threats made against the Jewish state, should Israel pioneer space travel so that those Jews (and our allies) who believe that wherever we are has become "Egypt" can leave a world in which Jew-hatred has become the signature calling card of Islamic terrorism and anti-Western barbarism?

Dr. Iddo Netanyahu, in his play, A Happy End, is asking precisely this question. By setting his affluent, assimilated, and successful Jewish characters in Berlin, circa 1932-1933, he may hope to influence our thinking about this question today.

In a talkback after the New York City performance, Netanyahu said: "There is a great advantage to raising things in the past. Current political views allow people to close themselves off."



On Women's Rights, Hillary Clinton's Career Defined by Inaction

March 12, 2015  •  Breitbart

Former Madam Secretary, Senator, and First Lady Hillary Clinton has used the issue of women's rights—and the desire of many Americans to see a woman in the top job—to realize her ambition for more and more power. But what has she actually done for women, locally or globally?

Unfortunately, not much; not enough to make a difference.

Clinton gained sympathy when her husband publicly humiliated her and when she was attacked in sexist ways, but she turned right around and attacked Monica Lewinsky in sexist ways, too.

Clinton also raised high hopes when she began talking the feminist talk.

In 1995, First Lady Hillary Clinton delivered a speech in Beijing at the United Nation's Fourth World Conference on Women. It was full of lines guaranteed to draw steady applause. But, in reality, it is a speech full of platitudes and empty "calls to action." She noted that "rape has been used as an instrument of armed conflict" and claimed that rape, female genital mutilation, and sex slavery are "violations of human rights." She was right.



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