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Latest Articles

New York's Annual Muslim Day Parade Targets Israel, Egyptian President

September 15, 2014  •  Breitbart

NEW YORK, New York-- New York City hosted the 29th annual Muslim Day Parade on Sunday, with the theme "Islam and America Share Common Values." Despite the slogan, the event featured anti-Israeli "occupation" protesters, aggressively anti-Israel speakers, and flyers were distributed featuring a doctored image of Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi wearing swastikas on his face.

The decades-old festivities were sparsely attended and shadily organized. Despite the fact that it was a sunny, refreshingly cool, but beautiful day in New York City, no more than 150 people were part of this rally. A few hundred more, mainly parents with children, were at the street fair which featured rides, food, games. It was not immediately clear who was organizing the event-- no group was listed as a sponsor. Instead, four men's names and phone numbers were given.



Obama's Speech
ISIS IS NOT Islamic?? What World Does He Live In?

September 11, 2014  •  Israel National News

I tried to watch That Man, I really did, but after five minutes I had to walk out of the room.

He lost me when he referred to ISIS as ISIL, thus undercutting their view of themselves as a routinely Islamist imperialist venture which views not only Iraq and Syria as part of their future "Caliphate," but one which includes Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and the disputed Palestinian territories—and perhaps Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates--as theirs to command.

He lost me when he said—he actually said—that "ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents and the vast majority of ISIL's victims have been Muslims."

ISIS is most definitely "Islamic" as is the far-from-defeated Al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Shabab, Hezbollah, and the Pakistani and Afghan Talibans, to name only a few such terrorist groups—all non-state actors, most funded by states.

Does President Obama really believe that America must still curry favor with "the Islamic world" by saying that ISIS is not "Islamic?" Does the man not know that, on his watch, America has lost the trust of every Arab and Muslim country?



Gaza in Manhattan: Individual Jews Held Guilty and Attacked

August 26, 2014  •  Breitbart

Monday night, on the upper east side of New York City, a gang of anti-Semitic "thugs" attacked a peaceful but visibly Jewish man – he was wearing a skullcap (a yarmulke or kippa). They also attacked his wife.

Two cars "flying Palestinian flags and multiple motorcycles" pulled up to the couple at 8:00 p.m. while it was still daylight. They began yelling "anti-Jewish statements." Then, they threw a water bottle that hit his wife, and, when her husband came to her defense, they "punched him in the head."

The suspects fled. No arrests have been made. The 27-year-old man refused medical attention at the scene.

This is my neighborhood, my home town. This incident took place about a mile away from where I live and work. So far, I have found only one brief article about this in theNew York Post.

Are there more such incidents that are not being covered?



'Holocaust Victims,' Relatives Challenge Elie Wiesel for Defending Israel

August 25, 2014  •  Breitbart

On August 23, 2014, a paid ad/open letter appeared in the New York Times taking Elie Wiesel to task for playing the "Holocaust trump" card and for trying to "justify the unjustifiable: Israel's wholesale effort to destroy Gaza and the murder of more than 2000 Palestinians."

The open letter was in response to Wiesel's ad, which appeared in a number of newspapers including the ​"Paper of Record​" but which was rejected by the Times of London, and called upon "President Obama and the leaders of the world to condemn Hamas's use of children as human shields."

Saturday's ad is an open letter by "Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of Nazi genocide."

Photo via Haaretz.



Western Sex Slaves for ISIS: The Twisted Psychology of Jihad Brides

August 13, 2014  •  Breitbart

The most barbaric bunch of blood-thirsty misogynists this side of Genghis Khan are yearning for western "brides"—and the "brides," who will be no more than sex and reproductive slaves, are coming, via an internet campaign, to service ISIS's male Jihadis in the Caliphate in formation in Syria and Iraq. There is a "marriage bureau" in the northern Syrian town of Al Bab for Western women in a marrying state of mind.

Britain's interior minister Theresa May warned that "we think around 400 UK-linked individuals have gone out to fight in Syria, mainly young men but also some women." Officials worry that these numbers will rise "with the increased online activity luring vulnerable women to Syria." The would-be "brides" are given point-by-point guidance on what to expect."

What is coming their way is far darker than Fifty Shades of Grey.



West Bank Feminist Academics Condemn Israel (!) For Promoting Rape, Sexism, and Genocide.

August 7, 2014  •  Breitbart

On July 31, 2014, the Institute of Women's Studies at Birzeit University put out "an urgent call" to condemn Israel, Israeli scholars, and the Israeli culture of "rape," "misogyny," "sexism," "genocide," and "ethnic cleansing."

That's not all. The Institute also condemned one unnamed member of the Israeli Parliament who has allegedly called for "the killing of all Palestinian women"; another Israeli academic who has allegedly called for the "raping of Palestinian women;" and a Rabbi who has "call(ed) for mass murder of Palestinians while taking their foreskins as trophies."

Birzeit University is a Palestinian academic institution located in the West Bank-- specifically, in the town of Bir Zeit. The message has made it far beyond Palestine, however. American and European listserv groups are circulating this filth, which is how it came into my possession last night.



Medical Journal Resisted Publishing Pro-Israeli Rebuttal Letters to Gaza Piece

August 5, 2014  •  Breitbart

The Lancet finally caved and did the right thing. Well—almost, but not quite. Between July 28th and August 14th, they only published a handful of rebuttal letters—and many more in support of their Big Lie anti-Israel "Open Letter." The editorial staff of The Lancet also published an editorial which, in essence, justifies its having published extraordinary lies as if they were scientifically accurate.

For example, only after a tedious and protracted back-and-forth did they publish a letter online, written by two Americans, Jeremy M. Levin and Ron Cohen, which critiqued the pseudo-scientific piece which attacked Israel and amounted to a series of Blood Libels against the Jewish state. The Lancet also published a much shortened version of another Israeli physician's article, Dr. Tamir Wolf, here.



South African Rallies 12000 strong for Israel

August 5, 2014  •  Breitbart

The most amazing rally for Israel just took place in South Africa. Whites and blacks, Jews, and non-Jews gathered, 12,000 strong, in the largest pro-Israel rally ever on the continent to convey a message of love and support for the beleaguered and globally denigrated Jewish state.

Waving Israeli flags, wearing Israeli flags, speaker after speaker expressed his or her love and gratitude to the soldiers and the people for being on the front lines— which means that Jews elsewhere can live in dignity. "Thank you for protecting our Holy Land," "We owe you a great debt," "We feel each bullet, each loss," "Israel we are with you." Black Africans—Ethiopians, Cameroonians, Nigerians, and South Africans said, one after the other, "We are praying for you Israel," "Africa loves Israel," May God bless Israel."

One cannot view this video without feeling hope, love—and gratitude. The rally was a sea of people, an organic, living being, whose hearts beat as one. "African stands with Israel."

Please watch this video. It will uplift and inspire you.



August 4, 2014

The once premier British medical journal The Lancet has, once again, engaged in an outrageous Blood Libel against Israel—and it has mightily resisted publishing letters of rebuttal. Rather, it has published some, but slowly, very slowly. For example, it took them sixteen days before they published a letter of rebuttal written by the President of the Israeli Medical Association.

Here's what happened.

In an article titled "An Open Letter for the People of Gaza," the violence between the terrorist group Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces is presented in highly biased, inaccurate, and defamatory ways. It was authored by Paola Manduca, Iain Chalmers, Derek Summerfield, Mads Gilbert, and Swee Ang "on behalf of 24 signatories."

This is very Nazi-era like only it is far worse since there is now a growing, global tsunami against the Jews unleashed both online and in the world.



Did Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Follow IDF Hannibal Protocol, Blow Himself and Kidnappers Up?

August 1, 2014  •  Breitbart

Shortly after this latest exercise in futility (aka a cease-fire) began, Hamas fired at Israeli civilians and IDF targets, killing two Israeli soldiers—and perhaps kidnapping a third soldier, 23 year-old Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, from Kfar Saba.

A Hamas homicide (suicide) bomber near Rafah is suspected in this attack upon the Givati Brigade.

Secretary of State John Kerry found the kidnapping and truce-breaking "outrageous" and an "affront." The EU did not condemn Hamas but "regrets the breakdown of the cease-fire." Egypt has postponed the planned "peace" talks. The United Nations claims that it does not know which side is telling the truth.

However, Hamas may have captured a soldier who had orders to blow himself and his kidnappers up.



Israel Condemning Persists Even as UN Official Admits Hamas Uses Their Buildings

July 31, 2014  •  Breitbart

A senior UN official, UN OCHA director, John Ging, confirmswhat the IDF and other informed experts have been saying all along, but to little avail. In a television interview yesterday, Ging said that Hamas terrorists "are firing their rockets into Israel from the vicinity of UN facilities and residential areas."

This statement by so senior a UN official confirms what the IDF has said repeatedly since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, namely that Hamas uses Gaza's civilian population as a human shield. This is a transcript of the key moments in this video. If you begin at 4:19, you will see and hear this:

JOHN GING: The militants, Hamas, and the other armed groups, they are firing also their weaponry, the rockets, into Israel from the vicinity of these [UN] installations and housing and so on, so the combat is being conducted very much in a residential built up area.



Disney Heiress Takes Code Pink Line, Withdraws Investment from Israeli Company over 'Occupation'

July 30, 2014  •  Breitbart

Abigail Disney, Walt's great-niece and heiress, has just withdrawn her 12 million dollar investment in the Israeli Company Ahava because, she says, it is "stealing minerals" from an "Occupied West Bank." Ms. Disney believes this violates both the 1970 Hague Convention and the Geneva Convention "by exploiting natural resources in occupied territories."

Well—not exactly, and not so fast.

Disney is not actually withdrawing a penny for "complicated financial reasons." She has decided to "donate the profits, as well as funds equal to the value of her shares in the Dead Sea minerals cosmetics firm Ahava, to groups working to end this illegal exploitation."

Serious Israeli (and non-Israeli) legal experts view the territories as "disputed" not "occupied"—but let's not quibble.



Norman Finkelstein's Sparsely Attended pro-Palestine Rally in NYC Leads to Arrests

July 29, 2014  •  Breitbart

Twenty to thirty people were arrested "for Hamas" today at midday in New York City. They lay down in the street opposite the Israeli Mission to the United Nations and blocked traffic for miles around. They chanted nothing and simply lay there in silence. The police asked them to get up—and thirty people did so—but when the remaining lie-in protestors refused to do so, the police arrested them.

Their leader was none other than Norman Finkelstein," the known and proud supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, a man who defends their right to target Israeli civilians." Finkelstein is the troubled and troublesome Jewish anti-Zionist activist and author who is also the son of Holocaust survivors.

He is living proof that Hitler's evil lives on in the lives of both Holocaust survivors and their descendants.



Incitement to Genocide: How NY Times' Coverage and UN Complicity Breed Anti-Semitism

July 29, 2014  •  Breitbart

Are The United Nations and the NY Times Guilty of Incitement to Genocide? Should they be held in any way accountable for the incitement against Jews and Israel that is erupting globally?

I am asking this question seriously. Yes, I know, the media has a First Amendment right in our country, but at what point must exercising that right be weighed against the harm it is causing to a long-maligned and vulnerable population? Surely, it is time to ask this question.

Thanks to Professor Laurel Leff, the author of Buried By The Times, we now know that the New York Times most shamefully minimized, dismissed, and simply failed to cover the ongoing European Holocaust in the 1930's and 1940's. And no, their owners and major journalists neither acknowledged this nor apologized for it. In fact, they reviewed Leff's book in their pages and while granting her some points, accused her of missing "context."



Ten Thousand Gather Peacefully in Manhattan to Support Israel Against Hamas Terrorism

July 28, 2014  •  Breitbart

An estimated ten thousand (busy) people came out in New York today, unable to stay away, needing to be there with each other: with Israel, in public, on record.

Our finest and most cherished young men are heroically fighting and dying so that our people might continue to live. Just today, a meeting of European Jewish leaders was held in the Knesset. They talked about how the level of anti-Semitism has rapidly approached Holocaust-era levels.



No, Supporting Hamas is Not 'Feminist'

July 25, 2014  •  Breitbart

It was only a matter of time. Today, Ali Abunimah's Electronic Intifada published a piece titled "Ending Zionism is a feminist issue."

I would say just the opposite is true: "Supporting Zionism is a feminist issue."

Today must be the day assigned to organize feminists for Hamas in Gaza. Another such article also just appeared—just as I was writing about Electronic Intifada's offering.

Zionism is a liberation movement of oppressed and persecuted Jews-- but it is so much more than that. Israel is a Western-style democracy in which free speech, freedom of inquiry, freedom of conscience, as well as women's and gay rights movements flourish. Both women and Arabs hold seats in Parliament, government, city councils, and the Israeli Supreme Court. Israel also tolerates a large and very vocal left, dissident movement which wields power in the universities, the media, and in not-for profit and human rights groups.



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