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Latest Articles

Did Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Follow IDF Hannibal Protocol, Blow Himself and Kidnappers Up?

August 1, 2014  •  Breitbart

Shortly after this latest exercise in futility (aka a cease-fire) began, Hamas fired at Israeli civilians and IDF targets, killing two Israeli soldiers—and perhaps kidnapping a third soldier, 23 year-old Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, from Kfar Saba.

A Hamas homicide (suicide) bomber near Rafah is suspected in this attack upon the Givati Brigade.

Secretary of State John Kerry found the kidnapping and truce-breaking "outrageous" and an "affront." The EU did not condemn Hamas but "regrets the breakdown of the cease-fire." Egypt has postponed the planned "peace" talks. The United Nations claims that it does not know which side is telling the truth.

However, Hamas may have captured a soldier who had orders to blow himself and his kidnappers up.



Israel Condemning Persists Even as UN Official Admits Hamas Uses Their Buildings

July 31, 2014  •  Breitbart

A senior UN official, UN OCHA director, John Ging, confirmswhat the IDF and other informed experts have been saying all along, but to little avail. In a television interview yesterday, Ging said that Hamas terrorists "are firing their rockets into Israel from the vicinity of UN facilities and residential areas."

This statement by so senior a UN official confirms what the IDF has said repeatedly since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, namely that Hamas uses Gaza's civilian population as a human shield. This is a transcript of the key moments in this video. If you begin at 4:19, you will see and hear this:

JOHN GING: The militants, Hamas, and the other armed groups, they are firing also their weaponry, the rockets, into Israel from the vicinity of these [UN] installations and housing and so on, so the combat is being conducted very much in a residential built up area.



Disney Heiress Takes Code Pink Line, Withdraws Investment from Israeli Company over 'Occupation'

July 30, 2014  •  Breitbart

Abigail Disney, Walt's great-niece and heiress, has just withdrawn her 12 million dollar investment in the Israeli Company Ahava because, she says, it is "stealing minerals" from an "Occupied West Bank." Ms. Disney believes this violates both the 1970 Hague Convention and the Geneva Convention "by exploiting natural resources in occupied territories."

Well—not exactly, and not so fast.

Disney is not actually withdrawing a penny for "complicated financial reasons." She has decided to "donate the profits, as well as funds equal to the value of her shares in the Dead Sea minerals cosmetics firm Ahava, to groups working to end this illegal exploitation."

Serious Israeli (and non-Israeli) legal experts view the territories as "disputed" not "occupied"—but let's not quibble.



Norman Finkelstein's Sparsely Attended pro-Palestine Rally in NYC Leads to Arrests

July 29, 2014  •  Breitbart

Twenty to thirty people were arrested "for Hamas" today at midday in New York City. They lay down in the street opposite the Israeli Mission to the United Nations and blocked traffic for miles around. They chanted nothing and simply lay there in silence. The police asked them to get up—and thirty people did so—but when the remaining lie-in protestors refused to do so, the police arrested them.

Their leader was none other than Norman Finkelstein," the known and proud supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, a man who defends their right to target Israeli civilians." Finkelstein is the troubled and troublesome Jewish anti-Zionist activist and author who is also the son of Holocaust survivors.

He is living proof that Hitler's evil lives on in the lives of both Holocaust survivors and their descendants.



Incitement to Genocide: How NY Times' Coverage and UN Complicity Breed Anti-Semitism

July 29, 2014  •  Breitbart

Are The United Nations and the NY Times Guilty of Incitement to Genocide? Should they be held in any way accountable for the incitement against Jews and Israel that is erupting globally?

I am asking this question seriously. Yes, I know, the media has a First Amendment right in our country, but at what point must exercising that right be weighed against the harm it is causing to a long-maligned and vulnerable population? Surely, it is time to ask this question.

Thanks to Professor Laurel Leff, the author of Buried By The Times, we now know that the New York Times most shamefully minimized, dismissed, and simply failed to cover the ongoing European Holocaust in the 1930's and 1940's. And no, their owners and major journalists neither acknowledged this nor apologized for it. In fact, they reviewed Leff's book in their pages and while granting her some points, accused her of missing "context."



Ten Thousand Gather Peacefully in Manhattan to Support Israel Against Hamas Terrorism

July 28, 2014  •  Breitbart

An estimated ten thousand (busy) people came out in New York today, unable to stay away, needing to be there with each other: with Israel, in public, on record.

Our finest and most cherished young men are heroically fighting and dying so that our people might continue to live. Just today, a meeting of European Jewish leaders was held in the Knesset. They talked about how the level of anti-Semitism has rapidly approached Holocaust-era levels.



No, Supporting Hamas is Not 'Feminist'

July 25, 2014  •  Breitbart

It was only a matter of time. Today, Ali Abunimah's Electronic Intifada published a piece titled "Ending Zionism is a feminist issue."

I would say just the opposite is true: "Supporting Zionism is a feminist issue."

Today must be the day assigned to organize feminists for Hamas in Gaza. Another such article also just appeared—just as I was writing about Electronic Intifada's offering.

Zionism is a liberation movement of oppressed and persecuted Jews-- but it is so much more than that. Israel is a Western-style democracy in which free speech, freedom of inquiry, freedom of conscience, as well as women's and gay rights movements flourish. Both women and Arabs hold seats in Parliament, government, city councils, and the Israeli Supreme Court. Israel also tolerates a large and very vocal left, dissident movement which wields power in the universities, the media, and in not-for profit and human rights groups.



After Death Sentence and Imprisonment for 'Apostasy,' Sudanese Mother Arrives in Italy

July 24, 2014  •  Breitbart

Meriam Yahya Ishag and her family landed safely in Italy last night. She flew on an Italian government plane and was accompanied by Italian Minister, Lapo Pistelli. Upon landing, Meriam was welcomed by Italy's Foreign Minister, Matteo Renzi.

Within hours of arriving, Meriam met with the Pope. Here is a video of her exiting the plane onto Italian soil and a photo of the Pope blessing her.

Meriam was greeted by "jubilant scenes" in Rome. "Ms Ibrahim and her husband Daniel Wani thanked the pontiff for his support and he in turn thanked her for staying true to her Christian faith despite the threat of execution if she did not recant."



J'accuse: Western Academics Condemning Israel Aid Hamas Terrorists

July 23, 2014  •  Breitbart

J'accuse every single Western academic, each intellectual and journalist who has ever circulated and signed a Resolution against Israel and in favor of Hamas is a supporter of Islamist barbarism against Western civilization.

They are the West's equivalent of suicide (or really, homicide) bombers.

These are the professors and activists who are, essentially, anti-American in their point of view and who, like President Obama (who studied with them), want a de-militarized and diminished America. The 21st century manifestation of this sentiment in academia isthe Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, whose aim is to starve the Israeli government by bullying even further already indoctrinated academics, artists, and businessmen into not working in Israel and/or into covering the news in only a pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian way.



A Letter To My People

July 21, 2014

Dearest Friends and Colleagues:

I sit here, gazing at the wind-tossed Aegean, but my heart is in Zion--and it is breaking.

I know that Israel must do exactly what it is doing but I mourn the high price Jews have always had to pay to survive in this hate-filled world.

We have just lost young and not-so-young heroes, blessed heroes, who have already become part of the eternal pantheon of Jewish and Israeli soldiers who have fallen: honorably and forever.

All of us know Israeli soldiers and the parents and grandparents of Israeli soldiers--this war, all such wars, pre-1948, 1948, 1967, 1973, 2000--and on, to name only some, have been agonizingly personal.

I have spent the days and nights of my vacation monitoring this increasingly hot war and circulating articles where they might do the most good in terms of the propaganda war against the truth, the Jews, Israel, America, and the West.

As I have written thousands of times before: Both are very hot wars. For example, despite everything we know, the NYT has today focused on the Israeli hate propaganda, less so on the truly filthy and vicious and relentless propaganda put out by Palestinians and by Arab and Islamist leaders.



Chesler Facebook Chronicles

July 18, 2014


Jet-lagged in Spain

I am still in Barcelona where the outdoor cafes are very lovely and the weather is soft and perfect. I visited the former Jewish quarter and what is left of the synagogue. I said Kaddish there. And, before jet lagged had its way with me, I dined at the best tapas restaurant in town, a kosher place: Maccabi Tapas. Most interesting are all the photos of opera singers that they signed. The divine Montserrat Caballe, Joan Sutherland, and Placido Domingo have autographed their photos for whichever opera lover owns the restaurant or used to.


Moonlight over the Mediterranean

The ship has sailed, we have left the northern coast of Spain. I am watching FOX News based in Gaza reporting casualties. Oh, where were they for the last decade as rocket after rocket fell on civilians in southern Israel? I understand that Hamas has also (acidentally?) bombed Ramallah, Bethlemen and Hevron, all Hamas strongholds. Will Abbas ask the UN to condemn Hamas for this? Hamas was trying to hit Jews-only in the West Bank. Where is the necessary perspective given the barbarians vs barbarians vs civilians in Syria, Iraq and elsewere?



President Obama Should Exercise Some Restraint—Not Israel

July 8, 2014  •  Breitbart

Today, President Obama appears in the pages of Ha'aretz-- on the very day that Israel's left-wing newspaper is hosting a "peace" conference at which Obama's anointed (anti-)Israel Lobby is also present: J Street's Peter Beinart, Avi Shavit, Gideon Levy, et al.

Of course, this diplomacy-via-media is an over-reaching outrage but it is also pathetic and tragic. Read Peggy Noonan's appraisal in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend about Obama's lost, but imperial Presidency.

Instead of holding behind-closed-doors meetings, this President appears on popular television shows, spends times with celebrities, takes long vacations; he is an actor in a film about the American Presidency and he lives as celebrities do. Like so many Hollywood actors, Obama is left-wing, pro-Islam, and anti-Zionist and is proud, not ashamed of being so.



Waiting in Vain: Palestinian vs Israeli Responses to Violence

July 7, 2014  •  Breitbart

One waits for an outpouring of condolences for the kidnapping-murders of the three Israeli teenagers, one of whom was also an American citizen. Especially, one waits for such statements from the most ardent supporters of a Palestinian state in the disputed territories.

One waits in vain.

However, as soon as the news of a kidnapping and murder of an Arab teenager, European, American, and Israeli Jews rushed to express outrage, grief, and to condemn, in advance, any Jew or Jews who might have committed this heinous act. The Guardian focused on the awful murder of Mohammed Abu Khedeir and on the police beating of his Palestinian-American cousin who participated in a riot against the police and/or the IDF. The kidnap-murder of the three Israeli teenagers was mentioned in passing as having incited "racist" outbreaks among the Israeli Jews.



False Equivalency in Israeli/Palestinian Murders Threatens a Bloodbath of Jews

July 5, 2014  •  Breitbart

The Big and Lethal Lies are coming at us faster and harder than ever before.

ISIS has just crucified eight Muslim men for not being "extreme" enough in their Islamic practice. They kept their bodies on display in a town square in Iraq for three days. The ninth crucified man survived.

Horrifying—yes? Equally horrifying are the mass beheadings and the football games ISIS has been playing with the human heads. However, the leading western media are focusing mainly on the Palestinian Arab boy who was burned alive. Why such a focus?



An American-Jewish Hero In Israel
An Interview with Activist and Entrepreneur Murray Greenfield

July 4, 2014  •  The Jewish Press

I sit here savoring a treasure. It is a book about Jewish-American and Jewish-Palestinian heroism in the 1940s – a little known story and one I nearly didn't read.

The title is The Jews' Secret Fleet: The Untold Story of North American Volunteers who Smashed the British Blockade of Palestine. The author, Murray S. Greenfield, is the founder of Israel's Gefen Publishing House and of much else. Joseph M. Hochstein wrote it with him.

Here's how the book came into my possession. Someone named Murray kept calling me. He said he wanted "I should interview him," like I'd interviewed fellow pre-state activist David Gutmann, a"h, in these pages ("Israel's Rebirth 'A Boring Story' to U.S. Jews," April 2, 2010).

He called at a particularly hard time and I could not meet with him – but then he sent a messenger bearing this book. It was then that I realized this was a living hero of the Jewish people who wanted to meet me. Duty called. We met the very next day.



Europe Takes One More Step Toward Eliminating the Burqa

July 2, 2014  •  Breitbart

Europe has finally come to its senses and taken a stand in favor of the Western Enlightenment enterprise.

On July 1, 2014, the European Court of Human Rights upheld the 2010 French burqa ban, a religion-neutral piece of legislation which eliminates face masks. By a "majority" voteof seventeen judges with two dissents, the Court found that the ban did not violate "Article 8 [the right respect for private and family life of the European Convention on Human Rights] and [there was] no violation of Article 9 [the right to respect for freedom of thought, conscience and religion]." No further appeals are possible.

As the author of Ban the Burqa? An Argument in Favor, I applaud this decision, on the grounds of security, and as a matter of women's human rights. The obliteration of female identity is not a Western value.



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