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Setting the record straight: Women of the Wall

February 5, 2016  •  The Times of Israel

Anat Hoffman is quoted in The Times of Israel as having offered the Original Women of the Wall a seat on her Robinson's Arch express "bus" and of even having asked us to "help steer it."

This is a lie.

She did not take us into her confidence, nor did she wrestle with us ideologically nor did she say: "Okay, what I once called the back of the bus is now the only bus in town. We're going to beautify it. Please work with me. Tell me: How many thousands of feet do Orthodox women and/or men need for a permanent mehitza? How much space do you need so that you, too, can hold simchas in your fashion? I will fight for that as part of the deal."



Not a Victory
Why Israel's decision to create an egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel is actually a defeat

February 3, 2016  •  Tablet Magazine

Newspapers in Israel and around the world have been hailing the deal between the Israeli government, the Reform and Conservative movements, and the The Women of Robinson's Arch (formerly Women of the Wall), as a "historic," "revolutionary," and "landmark" agreement. I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

This is a travesty, a trick, a joke, an Orwellian use of language employed to persuade perfectly good Jews that a defeat is really a victory; that being banished is a form of acknowledgement; that capitulation to fundamentalism is actually a triumph over it; that allowing misogynists to turn the Kotel into a Haredi shul is a progressive accomplishment; that being allowed to fund this travesty with Diaspora money—the Haredim are on record as refusing to pay for it themselves—represents acceptance; in short, that selling one's birthright for a mess of pottage is tantamount to obtaining that birthright.



Op-Ed: Robert Levinson, US citizen, left behind in Iran
The prisoner exchange pointedly did not include a Jewish American, whose complicated and patriotic story can be read in the link embedded in the article.

January 18, 2016  •  Israel National News

Is Robert Levinson, one of two American captives left behind in Iran and the only Jew--our new Jonathan Pollard?

Has he already been tortured to death? Or, like other infidel captives in Islamist hands, is he the still living plaything of monster sadists?

If he is dead, why has Iran not at least returned his body for burial? Can Iran actually have "lost" one of it's prize captives?



Op-Ed: Hijab in the US navy
What the Iranians put on the head of the one female among the captured sailors says it all.

January 15, 2016  •  Israel National News

As I look at the photos of the American sailors captured by Iran, many things about the entire incident vie for my attention.

The shameful postures of surrender that the Iranians demanded of our innocent sailors--is, in and of itself, unacceptably shameful. There they are, on their knees, with their hands clasped on or behind their heads.

The fact that the Iranians brazenly violated the Geneva Convention which requires Iran to protect prisoners against "insults and public curiosity" is criminal--although again, not surprising, as is their seizure of the American boats' GPS equipment.

Iran's demand--what else could it be?--that at least one American sailor "apologize" on video for their "mistake" and thank their Iranian captors for their great hospitality--is disgusting but so useful for the Iranian propaganda mill. It bears no relation to the truth of the matter.

The fact that President Obama failed to mention that his sailors were in captivity even as he addressed the nation in his last State of the Union speech--is beyond shameful but alas, is merely more of the same.



Op-Ed: The other face of Jihad
It is an ugly face and it is turned towards Europe's women.

January 9, 2016  •  Israel National News

On New Year's Eve, large gangs of Arab, North African, and Muslim men sexually assaulted women in a large number of cities in both Germany and in Austria.

These attackers, often a thousand strong, simultaneously stuck their fingers into every female orifice; groped, licked, hit, and terrified every vulnerable woman who was out celebrating the holiday.

The traumatized women did not all report these assaults to the police because they were traumatized and because many could not identify their attackers; there were so many of them. The media also under-reported these rapes—not until one hundred German women in the city of Cologne, a number that grew to close to 400 by the weekend, reported their assaults to the police, did the matter become public.

Some media, including feminist media, refused to name the perpetrators as being of Arab or North African descent or as "Muslims." They do not wish to be demonized as "racists" or "Islamophobes" but there is also a legitimate feminist reason.



Welcome to Hamas West, AKA Connecticut College
When twisted Islamist ideas and lethal Jew-Hatred are protected in the name of diversity.

December 16, 2015  •  FrontPage Mag

The Connecticut College administrators have finally put it in writing.

And they did so on the last day of the semester before the winter break when they knew that students would be leaving or already gone.

Based on what they wrote, these administrators would welcome a professor who teaches that the earth is flat. One can only wonder if they would also welcome Darwin's discoveries about evolution—or might they view evolution as Darwin's own opinion to which he has every right unless it offends a person of color who might become violent, in which case, Darwin's ideas may be taught as long as Creationism is given equal time.

The American campus now welcomes all expressions, Big Lies, lethal narratives, speech that incites people to violence, junk science, ideas that are false and that endanger their own students—all are welcome.

Here is the statement just issued by Connecticut College administrators. I have never read a more intellectually vacuous statement—but the good news is this: they have opened the door to the truth. I can only hope and pray that organizations begin to tell the truth via posters on every campus from coast to coast. Here is your permission:

"To Members of the Campus Community,



The Terrorist Wears a Burqa
What do Tashfeen Malik, "Lady Al-Qaeda," Maryam Jameelah, and the Boston Bomber's widow all have in common?

December 14, 2015  •

A number of journalists initially claimed that a woman was behind the San Bernardino massacre, and that Tashfeen Malik radicalized her husband Syed Rizwan Farook.

Anyone who has studied Islamic terrorist killers and radical Islamic culture knows that this is very unlikely.

Samia Labidi, a French-Tunisian dissident and former Islamist, describes how Tunisian Islamist men infiltrated her family "very softly, by means of marriage." They also infiltrated universities by promising men to "restore their masculine dominance." Docile wives and polygamy in a post-feminist age might seem very attractive.

Radical Islam appeals to many men for this reason, among others.



Op-Ed: Challenging the right to 'Birthright'
It is going from bad to worse on US campuses - now at Connecticut U.

December 13, 2015  •  Israel National News

Posters which demonize Israel-only have been hanging all over the Connecticut College campus for 48 hours now. The Administration has not ordered them taken down. Some Jewish students are both frightened and sickened by the stepped-up pace of anti-Semitic hate speech on this campus and have just reached out to me.

According to them, the same Global Islamic Studies Program that targeted Professor Andrew Pessin earlier this year; that got the administration to move instantly against alleged hate speech against Muslims; has now plastered the campus with anti-Israel and anti-Birthright posters obtained from Electronic Intifada. Here is what one student wrote:

"As you all may remember, last spring at Connecticut College a witch hunt transpired as Professor Andrew Pessin's words were taken out of context by many students, faculty and staff. Thankfully, many of you covered the story and were able to bring national light on the horrible and gross situation. I hope you can continue to do so as the climate at Connecticut College has only gotten worse.



'Women's studies' is betraying women under Sharia law

December 6, 2015  •  New York Post

Last week, the National Women's Studies Association membership voted to boycott Israel. The resolution reads, in part:

"As feminist scholars, activists, teachers, and public intellectuals . . . we cannot overlook injustice and violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, perpetrated against

Palestinians and other Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, within Israel and in the Golan Heights, as well as the colonial displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the 1948 Nakba."

This vote is an utter betrayal of both reality and of women — especially women who live under Sharia law.

In 1970, I taught one of the first Women's Studies courses in the country. What I had envisioned for the discipline has nothing to do with today's anti-American, anti-Israel, post-colonial, faux-scholarly feminist academy.

Today, Women's Studies has been Stalinized and feminist professors are less concerned with the "occupation" of women's bodies world-wide than they are with the alleged occupation of a country that has never existed: "Palestine."



The death knell for Women's Studies

November 30, 2015  •  Israel National News

The National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) has just voted to support a boycott of…ISIS.

No, just joking. The boycott is against Israel - only.

The recommendation was developed in 2014 by Feminists for Justice in Palestine and draws on a "transnational, intersectional feminist framework" which emphasizes an "indivisible sense of justice."

Please don't ask me to explain such self-important and obscure language.

The good news: Although NWSA claims that, in 2014, 2500 of their members "stood in unison in support of freedom and justice in Palestine," in late November of 2015, only 35% of the voting membership (or 653 members) bothered to vote.

The resolution reads, in part:



The Intifada Comes To Austin

November 25, 2015  •  FrontPage Mag

Earlier this month, on November 13th, twelve members of a group calling itself the "Palestine Solidarity Committee," descended, lynch-mob style, upon an American campus in Austin, Texas. What happened next makes the grossly objectionable Apartheid Week follies slightly pale in comparison.

Here's why.

The ringleader, Mohammed Nabulsi, is a law student and presumably an American citizen. He is educated, not illiterate; he is not living in a Jordanian refugee camp; presumably, he has options. This suggests that his rage and his motivation are coming from other sources.

Political tracts, religious texts, perhaps? Or, does he believe that this will advance him personally in some way? That's been known to happen.

Perhaps what's new about the intifada in Austin is this:



How Hitler-era brown shirts took over Hunter College

November 19, 2015  •  Israel National News

For the first time in the 21st century and on the American campus, legitimate economic grievances, specific to New York City, specific to the United States, have been tied to Zionism.

Led by a screaming woman in hijab and a man, assisted by the usual outside agitators, students screamed themselves hoarse at Hunter College, a branch of City University of New York not far from where I live just a few days ago.

"Zionism out of CUNY!" "Zionists out of CUNY!" "Intifada, Intifada" was chanted, screamed, roared, over and over again. You may see it here and here.

Their demands for pay parity for adjunct professors is just and long overdue. Their demands for "tuition-free education, the cancellation of all student debt, a minimum wage of $15.00 for campus workers" is, perhaps, more idealistic as well as economically challenging.



'Political Correctness' about Islam Causing Abandonment of ISIS Sex Slaves
Why a British filmmaker removed a heroine nun from his film about her work rescuing Yazidi and Christian girls.

November 18, 2015  •  FrontPage Mag

Western "political correctness" about Islam has not only led to terrorist attacks in European, Israeli, and American cities—but it has now also led to the cruel abandonment of the Yazidi and Christian sex slaves still being tortured by ISIS.

In 2014, Sister Hatune Dogan had been rescuing Christian and Yazidi girls from ISIS captivity for eight months, but she was desperate. If only the world could see the harm being done, understand that rescues were possible, people would open their hearts and their wallets.

Sister Hatune and her international director, Hans Erling Jensen, found an independent British filmmaker, Edward Watts. In an email dated February 6, 2015, Watts's producer, Rosie Garthwaite, wrote: "Hatune you will be the lead story in a documentary about women living under IS."



Europe is on fire

November 14, 2015  •  Israel National News

Islamists have just massacred hundreds of civilians in Paris. This horrendous deed is being celebrated by ISIS. The President of France has announced that these six separate but coordinated attacks were perpetrated by ISIS.

Whether it was planned by Al-Bagdadi himself; whether a dozen lone wolf internet junkies decided to act on his behalf; whether these assassins were French citizens trained in the Arab Middle East; whether they belonged to another Jihadist group and "jumped ship" and joined ISIS's march back to the 7th century is irrelevant. These attacks bear ISIS's signature of the cold-blooded execution of captives, one by one. However, the fact that the killers were themselves not masked reminds me of Al-Qaeda and confirms that they were on suicide killer missions.

These are death artists who specialize in simultaneous "blitzkrieg" or killer bee swarm attacks. They are men who live in the shadows until they are all over their targets.

Some of us, myself included, have been warning about the inevitability of just such attacks. We were not heeded by our colleagues or our leaders.



Irwin Cotler on the Far-Reaching Impact of Phyllis Chesler's Work - October 1, 2015

November 13, 2015  •  YouTube

Irwin Cotler, the former Justice Minster of Canada and a long-time member of the Canadian Parliament had the kindest words to share on my behalf. Even I was surprised to hear him state that my work has helped Canadian Parliament members do their work in a great variety of areas. Cotler is a long-time feminist as well as an Israel advocate. Not surprising since he is devoted to the pursuit of justice.


Rebecca Seawright Officially Honors the Work of Phyllis Chesler - October 1, 2015

November 13, 2015  •  YouTube

Rebecca A. Seawright is the first woman ever elected from my district of Manhattan to the New York State Assembly. I was very surprised and totally moved to hear her read aloud from the Citation she signed on my behalf as well as that of Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney's Honoring my work to be read into the Congressional Record. Rebecca also gave me New York State Senator Liz Krueger's Proclamation on my behalf and Assemblyman Dan Quart's Proclamation on my behalf in the New York State Assembly. And so now, my work has been officially registered and certified in the public realm by politicians…as I usually say when I am given an award: "What have I done wrong? My work usually gets me into trouble." Nah—I am incredibly pleased by this recognition.


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